Online Dating Rules: What’s in a Headline

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online datingEvery dating site gives you the opportunity to post a headline for your profile. This is what draws the attention of potential mates as they scroll through pages of pictures and bland comments. This is the time for your stand out and be personal. Your headline should be eye-catching, develop interest in your potential prospect and still represent the real you.

Personal headlines on most sites can be up to 100 characters and is just as important as a catchy username. It is your headline that will give the first impression. A personal headline should not indicate that you are a bore, selfish, a fool, or scatterbrain. If the headline is repulsive or boring, rest assured, people will not read further and won’t contact you.

A personal headline often determines the kind of person you want to meet. If you are seeking a serious relationship, then your headline must not indicate “seeking fun and frolic.”

Avoid done to death phrases as well as cutesy ones. Adventurous, unique, and wonderful are all cliché. And clichés have been done to death. In fact, they are so bad that most people just gloss over those phrases.

The secret is to incorporate a little about yourself or to be creative and clever. Commonly coined headlines which are duds are:

• “I am a Lady.”
• “Ask me if you can.”
• “Life can be a path of roses.”
• “Poet.”
• “Sailing Smooth.”
• “Polite, serious, and creative.”

The headline is the most important tool of an online profile—pay attention to writing it well.


•Let it lead people into your profile. It should tease and intrigue.
•Avoid negativity —refrain from using words like “no.”
•Incorporate word play—be creative and quick. Alliterations are fun.
•Snappy headlines attract attention.

A headline should grab attention—it should be succinct and dead on—summing up what you are about. It should invite and tweak their curiosity to read your profile. Use word play—internal rhyme or a pun.

Some examples could include:

“Let’s race the wind!”
“Package deal—me, kids, pets!”
“Geek by day, poet by night”
“Explore the world with me”
“Walk to the beat of a new drummer”
“Want to play doubles”

Think Advertising

Remember how the catchy phrases create imagery. The concept is similar here you are the product to be marketed. Just as “rich and creamy” conjures up images of swirls of ice cream, so also the headline should recall an image of an attractive, friendly person.

The most prominent things after the photo is the headline. Studies indicate men tend to make snap judgments, so the headline should project a positive image of you. Women may look a little deeper, but the headline is what they’ll come back to as they’re making their decisions.

Think about how you scan the profiles, pictures and headlines. What you are looking for is what others are looking for.
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