Online Dating Rules: Get the Profile Right

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love and datingThe headline draws you in and the profile is the foundation of your dating success. Your profile tells any dating prospects of your characteristics, what you’re looking for and what kind of individual you are. Basic information includes: Appearance, interests, age, profession, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. This is the basis for determining compatibility. But, it is also what sets you apart from the other zillion people looking for the same thing. Take advantage of your profile real estate and highlight key elements about yourself that help others get to know the real you.

People want to know about your passions – but not in list format. Give your readers an idea what you’re seeking, without making it sound too straight-forward. And before posting your profile, make sure to review your profile and get a friend or relative to read through it and get their honest opinion.

Most sites will ask for details of age, height, ethnicity, religion, eye color, hair color, occupation, education, smoking preference, favorite hobbies, a description of your personality, what you are looking for in a man or woman, whether you are seeking a causal relationship, a friendship, a short-term fling, long term romance, or marriage, what is important to you in a person, your value system, beliefs, specific affiliations and more.

To be successful in love, the profile must represent you in the best light and give would be suitors a glimpse or inkling of what makes you tick and how to win you over. Write as though you are in a conversation with someone. Imagine sitting across a table and telling a profoundly interesting person all about yourself.

A profile is generally of 200-250 words. Write around 150- 200 words about yourself and around 50-100 words can be devoted to describing the kind of person you are looking for.

Remember to Include:

Personal details – Where you live, whether you are open to changing your place of residence, and where you have traveled should be included.

Discuss your profession – Career history as well as future.

Speak about past experiences and relationships. Talk about children if you have them. Be sure to mention whether you are hoping to have children or do not want any.

Tell the truth – In case you have any serious health problem be sure to write about it. People rarely like surprises.

Your personal background – you should also mention any religious or political affiliations that you may have.

The type of relationship you’d like – mention what kind of relationship you are looking for—long term or short term.


* Lie or fabricate stories or scenarios. You are ultimately found out and that destroys trust.

* Don’t hide facts about your age, children, size, career.

* Weave a story to prove your fact. Instead of saying your funny, tell a real-life incident about an experience.

* Write for the person reading, not for yourself.

* Don’t be superficial. You don’t want someone superficial and neither does anyone else.

* Avoid adjectives that are worthless and over used.

* Don’t use clichés. Everyone else does – you want to set yourself apart from others.

* Don’t list your address, phone number, common areas you go to, vital statistics, financial details, where you work or where you work out.

If you are in doubt, then get help. Most sites offer professional profile writing and reviewing. Aim to be different and appealing.
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