It’s All About Sex

love and relationship

When two teams are fighting and one would like to surrender before loss of any more life or points on the board – depending upon what’s being played out – the surrendering team puts up a white flag. In some instances, that white flag is more metaphorical than physical. When you are dating, there are…

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His Friends and Family

lve and relationship

You’ve been dating for 2 months and he’s asked you to meet his friends and family. You have reached level two of the relationship where you start meeting each other’s friends, relatives and other significant people in each other’s lives. This is a crucial junction which can make or break the next several months and…

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Sophistication, Elegance and Expenses


Men may not ask you out on a first or second date because they feel they can’t afford you and may not continue to pursue you because they feel they can’t measure up. What in the world does that mean? Today, where many women have risen through corporate America and hold high paying jobs or…

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Being Mysterious without Playing Games


Many men will say that women hold all the cards when it comes to dating and many women will say exactly the opposite. Who is right? It all depends on perspective. From a woman’s perspective, she must capture the man’s attention to encourage him to pursue her. However, from a man’s perspective, he may pursue…

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Best Way to Make Him Fall In Love

Love and dating

Before you try figuring out what the best way it is to make this man fall head over heels in love with you, it’s best to ask yourself if this is REALLY the man you want to fall head over heels in love with you. It might seem like the obvious question, but if you…

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