Being Mysterious without Playing Games



Many men will say that women hold all the cards when it comes to dating and many women will say exactly the opposite. Who is right? It all depends on perspective. From a woman’s perspective, she must capture the man’s attention to encourage him to pursue her. However, from a man’s perspective, he may pursue her and then be rejected. So how can you get him to pursue you and let him know that you’re interested without playing games with his mind or his pocketbook?

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The art of being mysterious seemed to fade away with the death of old Hollywood films. Suddenly, the women’s movements have opened a whole new vista for women to pursue, but they have left them striving to compete like a man in a man’s world. That doesn’t do much for being a mysterious woman while encouraging a man to be interested in you.

Being mysterious engages his curiosity and as humans, we are naturally curious people. We are drawn to the unknown, which is probably why so many horror films and scary movies are popular. They play on the curiosity and interest that we have in the unknown.

Mystery also plays into the part of our brains that manufacture fantasies. Men begin to imagine all kinds of things about mysterious women, even before she catches his attention to really get to know her. Men imagine what she might be like, what she’s hiding, what she does, and how she does it.

They are driven to solve the XXXXX and discover the woman beneath the veil of mystery. When you use this process right, he’ll figure out who you are and will still be interested in pursuing you and developing a relationship with you.

That’s because you don’t ever have to let the mystery fade. Even 20 years into a marriage there are still things that you can do to surprise him and pique his interest once more. And that’s the fire that stokes his interest. It’s his interest that keeps him coming back to you for more and more. Why not check out The Language of Desire?


Sometimes a shy woman is perceived as mysterious because a confident woman will be expressive at social events, will have good people skills, and won’t hide her femininity – all of which is part of being mysterious. But, a confident woman can learn to act mysterious without compromising her confidence and her integrity.

In conversations, don’t tell all. In fact, hold back all the juicy details, but do it so he knows there is more to tell when you’re ready. Don’t be expansive in your speech, but rather, use fewer words. Men are used to women who talk a LOT and they tend to tune them OUT.
Instead, you be the woman who says less and keeps his attention.

Being mysterious does not mean acting with superiority. In fact, it’s the opposite of superiority by being humble, yet confident. Your confidence in your mystery inspires desire in your guy and an interest in chasing after you.

You can be mysterious with your guy by doing something different, exposing just a little more of your personality each time you’re together or suggesting an activity he wouldn’t think you’d enjoy. If you normally dress business casual but enjoy rock climbing, then suggest rock climbing for a date, followed by dining at a restaurant neither of you have ever tried.

You might think it’s difficult to be mysterious with someone who you already know, but it is just as difficult as you make it. It’s time to think outside the box with your relationship.
Play the mystery game; consider the following:
• First, call him and then,
• Wait for him to call; if not, don’t always be the one to pick up the phone.
• Make plans that aren’t what you might normally do.
• Tell him a secret, but not the whole thing. Tell the rest at another time.

He’ll be waiting to hear more and be so grateful that you trusted him enough to tell him.
Mystery really is all it’s cracked up to be. And, with a bit of practice, you can carefully use this strategy to keep him interested and chasing you without ever playing a mind game.

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