Sophistication, Elegance and Expenses


Men may not ask you out on a first or second date because they feel they can’t afford you and may not continue to pursue you because they feel they can’t measure up. What in the world does that mean? Today, where many women have risen through corporate America and hold high paying jobs or…

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It’s a Journey and Not a Race


Sometimes, in your desire to have a settled life like the rest of your friends, you try to move the relationship you’re in too fast to a committed relationship. The absolute rule to remember is that any relationship is a journey and not a race to the altar. As women, we often think of life…

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Let Your Body Speak Volume

love and relationship

If you listen to psychologists and therapists, you’ll learn that majority of our speech doesn’t come out of our mouths. This is one of the reasons that digital communication is so difficult and that producers understood that and created the emoticons. Much of what we learn about what someone is saying comes from the tone…

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How To Save A Relationship: Money


We all enter relationships with past experiences and ideas that have nothing to do with the current situation. Money is one of those pieces of baggage that is often different between two people. We each have a money blueprint, or a way of thinking about how to earn it, how to save and how to…

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Being Mysterious without Playing Games


Many men will say that women hold all the cards when it comes to dating and many women will say exactly the opposite. Who is right? It all depends on perspective. From a woman’s perspective, she must capture the man’s attention to encourage him to pursue her. However, from a man’s perspective, he may pursue…

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